Duo RITUAL BASS makes electronic music on a groundbreaking level: A brand new sound created by the virtuous didgeridoo player Marvin Dillmann and Markus Kammann aka Robo Bass Hifi, producer of massive beats. The archaic power of the didgeridoo is perfectly backed by mighty electro grooves and reaches its full potential. Crossing the borders between avant-garde subculture, contemporary pop culture and fascinating world music RITUAL BASS is an innovation in music. Their first album BLOWN TUBE is produced on highest international standard and refined by sound engineer Shane “The Cutter“ at Finyl Tweek Mastering in London. It will blow your mind and make you dance to a great variety of styles like house, edm, drum’n’bass, reggae, dancehall, trap and moombahton.



Marvin Dillmann is an internationally performing didgeridoo virtuoso. Playing highly energetically for over twenty years, he is regarded as one of the most fascinating contemporary didgeridoo players. He creates a full sound that is percussive, fast, versatile, captivating, intoxicating and hypnotic. His unique style offers a new perspective on the instrument of the Australian Aboriginal people. From this  unprecedented fusions emerge like his new project in the field of electronic music with producer Markus Kammann (RITUAL BASS) or in classical music with countertenor Yaniv d’Or (Album “Exaltation”, 2018, Naxos). Furthermore Marvin Dillmann is part of the “World Musicians”-band of Arijit Singh, who is currently the most successful Bollywood singer, and accompanies him on tour around the globe.



Markus Kammann aka Robo Bass Hifi is a producer who is working with musicians from all over the world. His releases are albums like “16 Bit Skanks“, “Lee Perry vs. Robo Bass Hifi: Nu School of Planet Dub“ and “Tackhead vs. Robo Bass Hifi: The Message“, as well as the compilation “King Size Dub Special“. German magazine “Riddim” describes “highly energetically, packed with ideas, a musical masterpiece” and Westzeit confirms the cult status of bass-Gesamtkunstwerk Markus Kammann.
He is co-founder of the legendary German music club Beatbox and of  the distribution company Groove Attack. His latest CD project – besides RITUAL BASS – is “Data Dreads: Kingston Files“.



2018        BLOWN TUBE